Collagen is widely recognized as being a “miracle” compound for the human body, capable of achieving amazing feats for the skin and assisting in the creation of a glowing and smooth complexion; but what most people don’t realize is that we actually already HAVE collagen in abundance! We’re not talking about stacks of supplement tubs; we actually mean that the human body contains this substance in huge quantities already.

Collagen essentially forms the glue that sticks the entire human body together, you could view it as being the skeletal structure of the skeleton it self, and the form on to which everything else in the body is attached to. As such, it plays an absolutely crucial role in the replenishment, repair and sustenance of skin cells, tendons, organs, bones and well, anything you can think of inside the body that you need to function. Let’s see what kind of effect you can have on your skin by supplementing with extra collagen…

Structural integrity

Being that collagen is such a vital part of the structure of human skin, it’s no surprise that collagen supplements have become incredibly popular in the health and beauty industry. This is because without collagen, the very foundations your skin is built in simply wouldn’t exist, as such, boosting your collagen count is an excellent way to ensure your skin stays as healthy as possible and has the ability to continuously repair and sustain it self.

Like a rock

Believe it or not, collagen is comparable in strength to steel; that’s pretty mind blowing when you think about it, and makes it one of the safest foundations you could ever hope to build a structure on. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why collagen fillers have become such a popular beauty treatment, whereas collagen is literally injected into facial areas to enhance and “sculpt” a more desirable (in the eye of the beholder of course) appearance in that area. Not only will it create an immediate change, it’ll also promote a healthy internal state of repair and continuation within the target site.


If you’re suffering from any surface wounds or outbreaks, then collagen is a fantastic option to help repair and detoxify the area due to its healing capabilities. In the medical world, wound dressings are also being infused with the substance to enhance their healing properties and promote faster repair of the break in skin cells. That’s pretty awesome to say the least.

So when you add it all up, there’s not much that collagen can’t help with when it comes to the skin and making it look as beautiful as possible! It’s a vital component for not only keeping the skin strong, but also removing the dead cells that can easily get clogged in the pores and lead to terrible outbreaks. You should look at including extra collagen as part of your regular supplement arsenal if you want to safeguard against any potential issues with your skin, it’s truly worth every penny.

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Judy Greenway