Do you get jealous of those girls that just have the perfect eyeliner or perfect eye makeup? There’s no need to be envious anymore because with a few simple tricks you can enjoy stunning eye makeup with these few simple eyeliner tricks. Let’s get going…

Sticky tape

This trick is excellent and requires minimum effort to achieve the perfect eyeliner flick. Firstly, liquid eyeliner works best for this trick – feel free to use gel if that’s what you have. Cut a small piece of sticky tape and apply it to the outer corner of your eye angles slightly upwards as this will be the guide for your eyeliner. Take your eyeliner and draw the line across the top of your lid and then along the tape. This will ensure it stays perfectly straight. You can leave on the tape while applying your smoky eye shadow too. Remove the tape gently when you are done.

 Eyeliner as a base coat

Eyeliner can also make an excellent accomplice to your overall look. Make a less pigmented eye shadow more vibrant by covering your eyelid with white eyeliner first. The white eyeliner can be used to fill in your whole lid and then you can apply your eye shadow and black eyeliner after for a more prominent, defined look.

 Eyeliner to define your brows

Did you know your eyeliner can also help to define your eyebrows perfectly framing your face? After you have filled in your brows as you usually would, the trick here is to line below and above your eyebrows with a thick white liner, and smudge it out with a sponge brush to define your brows. This will make your eyebrows pop and your eyes stand out.

Make your own gel liner

Haven’t got gel eyeliner? Then you can make your own from home by warming the tip of a kohl liner with a lighter. It is pretty easy to do and only takes a few seconds. To do this you need to hold the tip of the liner right above the flame for a few seconds, and then test the pencil on the back of your hand before lining your eyes because you don’t want to burn or injure yourself.

Correcting a messy line

If getting a perfect line is too challenging, draw a rough line first is a good start. After you have done the initial line you can then sharpen it with a cotton swab and petroleum jelly. Sometimes erasing mistakes is easier than trying to nail it the first time so don’t stress yourself out trying to draw the perfect line.

Applying your eye makeup shouldn’t be hard and certainly shouldn’t feel like a chore! With the above tricks you have no reason to have anything less than perfect eyes every time! Whether you are going for a special night out or for your every day wear you can always look your absolute best.

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Judy Greenway