When it comes to your skin and aging, sometimes you may think all hope is lost and there’s nothing you can do about those irritating fine lines and wrinkles because your skin isn’t what it used to be. Well think again, not to mention the vast amount of incredible anti-aging products available on the market there’s also something you can do right NOW from the comfort of your own home. Want to start turning back the clock now with some seriously effective skin tightening exercises? Lets not waste any more time…

Brow lifts
Because everyone wants a brow lift! Now do one yourself! Place your two fingers in a V shape over each eyebrow so you are covering it from each end. Gently but firmly push each brown downwards then upwards and repeat about ten times. This exercise will help to tighten your eye and brow area making you look wide-eyed and youthful again.

The forehead lift
This one is extremely easy yet still very effective! All you need to do it place both your index fingers under your eyebrow arch, pull down on your eye area while trying to raise your eyebrows. Repeat this several times and it will help to gradually tighten up your forehead. Finish with a little jojoba oil so your skin doesn’t dry out.

The smile exercise
This one will probably end up being your favorite because it’s fun and good for your soul! All you need to do is hold your cheeks firmly with your fingers and smile, give your biggest toothy grin and gently extend the smile by pulling your cheeks taught. Hold the position for about ten seconds then relax and repeat several times to really firm out your mouth area and work those muscles in the lower part of your face.

The lip exercise
This is another fun yet highly effective exercise for your lips and mouth. It will help increase blood flow to your lips making them nice and pert and pink in color. Purse your lips into the pout position, make sure you hold it nice and firmly and wait for about 10 second then take your mouth into a closed smile position then relax. Repeat this several times and finish up with a little lip balm to really treat your lips.

Pull the cheeks up exercise
This can help to even out and tighten up the skin around your under eye area and under your cheeks as well as giving you a firmer appearance. Place your palms nice and firmly against your cheeks and pull the corners of your lips up toward your temples until you expose your upper teeth and gums. Hold this for roughly 30 seconds, release and repeat several times.

Finish up your skin tightening session with some collagen serum or natural moisturizing oils.

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Judy Greenway