Rapidly losing weight over a small time frame has been touted as dangerous and non-sustainable, and for many people, it would be fair to say that that is potentially the case. However, we’re here today to tell you how to do it safely and effectively, in a manner that you can maintain; it’s very important that you get a quick once over by a GP before undertaking any form of intermediate to extreme physical activity, and this process is no different.

Provided everything is in the green, you can now carry on with your pursuit of a 10lb weight loss in two weeks. You need to be prepared to do a few things you might not want to do, but ultimately, most of this isn’t THAT bad to follow. Let’s get to it.

Count up

How many calories do you need to consume per day based on how many days you exercise per week? Find out at www.freedieting.com using their daily calorie total calculator. After that, cut your intake by 500. This is absolutely essential to scientifically ensure that you’re eating enough to guarantee weight loss. Another thing too, base the totals around three days exercise per week, then aim to perform FIVE. This will create a further deficit thus guaranteeing that you speed towards your goal.

Fasted cardio

Perform 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular activity five days per week before eating breakfast. This will ensure that your body turns to its fat stores to use as energy, which will in turn massively accelerate your weight loss goals. No, it doesn’t matter what time you eat breakfast either. If you eat it at 5:AM, then you’re up at 4 to do the cardio, if it’s 7:AM; you’re up at 6. No ifs, no buts. Just do it – you’ll be glad you had after two weeks.

Perform a full body, high volume resistance circuit three days per week

After your morning cardio, you need to do these three days per week too, ideally at the latter end of the day rather than straight afterwards. The calories needed to repair and build lean muscle tissue will help to shred through body fat and in its place create something marvellous.

Eat your greens and drink water

You need to consume lots of green and leafy vegetables as part of your calorie count, a long with drinking 2 – 3 litres of water per day minimum. The greens will keep everything moving through your system; as such you’ll actually burn calories due to the heightened digestive processes. Water is actually vital for making your metabolism work, so without it, no fat burning will take place.

These simple processes are going to create the mega weight loss you’re looking for in no time, perhaps even before the end of the two week period. What’s important is that when you achieve your 10lb loss, you again visit the website we mentioned previously and adjust your calories to suit your new body weight so that you can maintain exactly where you are! Keep a monthly check on this and you can adjust your weight accordingly using these steps.

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Judy Greenway