Black heads are NOT fun. I know it might seem a little obvious to point that out, but we really can’t emphasize how distressing they can truly be. What’s important to know is that they can be combated rather easily, and that’s great, because the less of them we see the better frankly.

By following these simple tips you’ll stand a better chance of living a black head free life with smooth, glowing skin and a heightened sense of self-confidence when you stride out of the front door with a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

Tighten your pores 

It makes sense really, close the gap and dirt and grime can’t get in in the first place, meaning no black heads!

By applying a simple toner, you will find that your pores will tighten up to safeguard against any blemish development; you’ll simply need one lemon, some cotton balls and a small bottle. Rinse and dry your face, apply some lemon juice to a cotton ball, apply to the problem area, and voila! Tighter pores, less risk of grime build up, less risk of blackheads.


Another reason for the build up of excess dirt and grime is that your pores don’t stay well lubricated and free flowing; regular exercise can help massively with this issue! In order to keep your pores free, they need liquid to flow through and clear them out on a regular basis. There’s no better way to do this than through sweating! Sweating will help to clear out your pores and remove any excess dirt; not only that, it reduces harmful cortisol levels within the body that will help to keep the skin in a constantly self repairing and cleansing state.


Exfoliating your skin is massively important when it comes to safeguarding against and clearing out blackheads. In order to exfoliate successfully you’ll need exfoliating lotion that contains micro grains, small enough to enter the pores and “erode” the grime and dirt away from their inner walls. Whilst there are plenty of over the counter and off the shelf remedies available to perform this action, believe it or not, baking soda is just as effective! If you don’t use too much so as to dry out the skin, it’s the perfect composition to exfoliate your pores in the manner mentioned. Give it a shot!


There’s little out there more effective than steaming the dirt out of your pores! You can do this in so many different ways, but the most economic and by far the easiest is simply to add boiling water to a bowl, then ideally fill it with a little eucalyptus or menthol oil, cover your head with a towel and sit bent over a bowl. This will cause the steam particles to enter the pores and erode the content within, thus cleansing them out fully and leading to a dirt free face!

These tips are super simple yet super effective for black head prevention and will hopefully take away a whole world of stress, leaving you feeling great.


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Judy Greenway