With so many beautiful colors out there, it’s so easy to just grab the shades you love the most without much consideration for what actually suits you and compliments your skin tone. Sadly, siren red or candy floss pink doesn’t suit everyone so the best thing you can do is follow our below guide to find a color that will highlight your features and compliment your shade of skin. Ready? Then lets get choosing!


Fair skin

If you have fair skin, then your skin is naturally very pale, or translucent and certainly doesn’t tan easily and of course, it burns very easily. You may have freckles and some pinkness to your complexion.

Which lipsticks to choose?

Fair skin ladies have the choice of a beautifully light and feminine color palette. Shades such as dusty pinks, nudes, pinkish reds, raspberry’s or coral compliment fair skin most effectively. The idea is to choose the gentle colors, nothing too bold or it will wash you out.


Light skin

Your skin is pale but not as pale as a fair skinned lady. If you venture into the sun, you burn and then may possibly tan developing a little bit of color.

Which lipsticks to choose?

Light skin ladies also share the same choice of a beautifully light and subtle color palettes as the fair skin ones. Shades, such as dusty pinks, nudes, pinkish reds, raspberry’s or coral compliment light skin most effectively. You can also go for a shade or two up from the fair skin selections.


Medium & Tan

If you have a medium skin tone, then you will tan easily and generally don’t burn or have sensitive skin. You can achieve lovely warm tones and a healthy glow if you have medium skin. If you have a tanned skin tone, you have naturally olive or tanned skin. Luckily for you, you rarely burn and boast a tanned glow even in the winter months.

Which lipsticks to choose?

Ladies with tan or medium skin tones can wear bright reds and cherry reds, or true red with no undertones. You can be as bold as you want with a brighter more vivid color palette. If you have warm undertones to your skin, you can choose orangey-red or tangerines as well. Don’t be afraid to be bold with this skin tone in your lipstick color choices.



Your skin is naturally a darker shade and you never get sunburned. Your hair is possibly black or dark brown to beautifully compliment your skin.

Which lipsticks to choose?

Deep skin tones with warm undertones will look fabulous wearing blue-based reds. Cool undertones tend to look better with metallic ruby reds or deep wine. Purple of all shades is also an excellent choice for this skin tone.

Now you have everything you need to go and make the perfect choice when it comes to selecting your newest lipstick. This time one that will perfectly compliment your skin tone!


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Judy Greenway