Acrylic nails are something many ladies like to indulge in. Acrylic nail extensions can be done in practically any color, style and design your heart desires! The process involves filing your nail down to create a surface which the acrylic liquid can hold onto tightly then smoothing down the shape so it looks like your natural nail. You can have them as long as you like and in order to remove them, you need to have it done professionally or you risk damaging your nails.
There are a few pros and cons of acrylic nails, so if you’d like to find out a little bit more then you need to read on to decide if they are for you or not.

They look great!
Let’s start with a positive! Acrylic nails look awesome! You can have any color you desire with any design or even some crazy artwork if you fancy it. Not only do they look pretty great they last for weeks too making them a perfect choice for special events like birthdays, weddings and holidays because you can rely on a great set to stay put!

A makeover for your hands
If you are a bit of a nail biter and cant ever seem to get your nails past a certain length then acrylics are a good choice for you! Your nails can still grow while the acrylics are on so don’t worry. A set of acrylics will give you a beautifully polished look and you will be able to have them customized to your style and taste.

Acrylics can damage your nails
Sometimes it can be all too tempting to pick at them if they are starting to wobble off. It costs precious cash to go back to the salon and have them re-filled and maintained so many women often end up pulling or picking off the acrylic nails. This can be detrimental for the health of your nails as it can pull of chunks and layers of the nails surface possibly even causing irreversible damage. It can leave you open to infections and nail diseases, which can leave you with permanent, unsightly nails.

They can be costly
Manicures are never that expensive and don’t usually take a great deal of time to complete. When it comes to having a set of acrylic nails put on it cannot only be a very lengthily process but a costly one! The more extravagant design you want the more you pay! Acrylics usually cost anything from $30 and upwards. When your nails grow you will also have to have the in-fills done by your nail technician and if you want them removing and a new set adding that will set you back even further.

Acrylic nails look beautiful and can make you feel like a million dollars. If you can resist removing them yourself and can afford the maintenance of them your nails should remain in good condition. It’s important not to wear them all the time to give your nails a chance to grow and get healthy.

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Judy Greenway