You may be well accustomed with exfoliating your face. Exfoliating your face once or twice a week has many known benefits, some of which include removing dead skin cells, impurities and old makeup residue. It helps to keep your skin blemish and breakout free. Many women forget the rest of their body when it comes to exfoliating and forget to exfoliate from the neck down despite its plentiful benefits!

Helps with circulation – Exfoliating your skin can help with circulation. If you exfoliate using a dry body brush or an exfoliating scrub lotion both of these methods can boost circulation. This is because they remove the dead skin cells exposing new skin underneath drawing blood closer to the surface with allows your body to remove toxins more efficiently as well as giving your new layer of skin a richer blood supply. For these reasons exfoliation is also good for weight loss.

Silky smooth skin – Exfoliating is exceptional for your skin and you should try to cover at least your hips, buttocks and thighs! The dead skin cells are removed as well as any impurities, which have been sitting around clogging your pores up. After you have exfoliated, you will have glowing, toxin free skin, which appears radiant and youthful.

Helps with ingrowing hairs – Exfoliating your legs is fantastic for reducing the problem of ingrowing hairs. If you shave or wax regularly, the hair will eventually become much thinner but sometimes the hair cannot break through the skin. Because of this, a red spot will appear around the hair, and it will become ingrown. Exfoliating the area will prevent this from happening removing any excess dead, bumpy and rough skin therefore allowing the hair to break through the skin.

Pre-holiday tan – If you are going away on holiday then exfoliating dead skin cells from your body is essential to optimise your natural tan. By sloughing away the dead skin cells the sun will be affecting the new skin cells, which will result in a faster longer lasting tan. Always follow an exfoliation treatment with a moisturiser so your skin doesn’t get dry.

Before a fake tan – Before you fake tan you need to ensure that the surface of your skin is free of dead skin cells. If not, the dead skin cells will bunch up and your tan will flake off along with your skin. Exfoliate the night before you want to apply your fake tan to achieve a smooth flawless surface that wont flake off.

Exfoliating your face and your entire body should be a regular part of your beauty and skin care regime. There are plentiful benefits to exfoliating your body from eliminating dead skin for a real or fake tan and to boosting circulation. Invest in a great quality exfoliating scrub or cream or you can even use a natural body brush – you’ll be pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a method of exfoliation so don’t be afraid to treat yourself a little.

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Judy Greenway