Sometimes your face might be subjected to a little too much winter chill! When winter approaches, your skin can become a little unhappy if it’s not taken care of properly. The ailments can be quite harsh on your skin so it’s important you switch up your regular skincare regime a little to accommodate for this skin-damaging season so you can always look and feel your best! Indulge in certain ingredients and formulas that will protect and nourish your face from the harshness winter presents. Here goes…


Invest in a good facial SPF

You might be thinking that this sounds a little crazy but investing in a good facial SPF for the winter months holds many benefits. Firstly, it will protect your skin from the sun’s rays. The sun may not be strong enough to burn your skin but it’s still strong enough to cause sun damage. So keep it protected, and don’t forget that light can also reflect off of snow! An SPF will also help to protect your face against harsh wind and the cold.


Look after your skin from within

In the winter months, it’s imperative that you look after your skin from within and crank up your hydration. Drink for beauty! Hydrate from the inside out with lots of pure water and high anti-oxidant herbal and green teas, these will keep your skin beautifully moisturised.


Lovely lips

Your lips often become cracked and sore in winter due to the harsh cold weather. Your lips don’t produce their own oils so they may struggle to stay moisturized in the winter months. Give them some TLC! Each night before you go to bed treat them to a soak in some nourishing Jojoba oil or Vaseline and go to bed with it on your lips. You will wake up with beautifully, soft lips.


Moisturise after your shower

After you have showered or bathed, be sure to lock in some of that lovely moisture your skin craves! As soon as you get out, while your skin is still wet, apply your moisturising body oil or cream. The combination of oil and water helps to lock-in more moisture than when you apply to dry skin.


The key to soft hands

Your hands can sometimes suffer the most in winter and get forgotten about when it comes to your skincare regime. Before you know it, you are left with dry, chapped and unhappy hands! Every morning and night treat your hands to a moisturising hand lotion to keep them soft and supple.
The key to keeping your skin soft, healthy and beautiful in winter is MOISTURE! At every opportunity be sure to moisturize from head to toe, as a bare minimum keep a little pot of Vaseline with you at all times. Then, you always have an antidote to the harshness of winter at all times. Don’t forget your hair too, that needs just as much moisture as your body in the winter months so invest in a great quality conditioner.

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Judy Greenway