Have you ever spent a long time painstakingly applying all your makeup for a special event only to find that your lipstick has flaked off, your blusher is non existent and your foundation has long since worn off? Instead of that lovely fresh glow you were trying to achieve, you are left feeling a pale, sweaty mess. When it comes to applying makeup, then you need to follow the tips below to ensure it lasts all day or night so that you can enjoy knowing you look your best and your makeup isn’t going anywhere!

Fix that foundation

Foundation is usually the first to lose its glow. Before applying your foundation, make sure your skin is clean and cleansed so dry skin can’t flake it off. Secondly ensure you use a good quality primer because this will provide a solid base for the foundation to bond to meaning it will stay firmly in place. After you apply your foundation over the primer, finish off with a brush on powder or makeup fixing spray. Doing these 3 things will keep your foundation fresh all day long!

Lock down the lipstick

Before you apply your lipstick, dot some foundation into your lips. Next, apply your lip liner and then fill in with your chosen lip color. This is the bit where most ladies go wrong as they usually finish at this point, but this is where the danger lurks! After you’ve applied the color, dust your lips with some powder or, even better, apply a lipstick sealing liquid to lock down the color and make it last all day or night.

 Excellent eye shadow

Applying eye shadow and making it last is a very similar procedure to locking down your foundation. Eyelids are prone to getting greasy due to the natural oils protecting your eyes so it’s imperative you apply a primer to this area to lift any oil and provide a smooth even surface for your eye shadow. After you have applied your primer, smooth over some foundation before applying your chosen eye shadow color. This procedure should make your color last all-day or night with only minimum re-application needed.

 Keep your hands OFF

It may sound a little obvious but you may not even be consciously aware of how much you touch your face every day. You touch your face when you are trying to express emotion, you’re tired or exhausted or you have an itch. The reasons you touch your face are endless, but you must try and resist if you want to preserve your makeup! The oils on your hands will transfer to your skin, which will cause your makeup to smudge. Not only that, but the germs on your hands can lead to future breakouts.

Making your makeup last isn’t complicated when you know how. Follow the above tips and remember to keep your hands off your face to ensure it stays looking flawless all day or all night.

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Judy Greenway