Have you ever made the mistake of using your body cream on your face? In the beauty world, this is a cardinal sin and one that should never be repeated. Even if you find yourself totally out of facial moisturiser you should wait until you get yourself a replacement because temporarily using your body lotion can cause you more harm than good.

Causes clogged pores and acne – Body cream has been formulated for the BODY not the face. Its ingredients are often a lot richer and thicker and contain components that have usually been chosen to help with rough skin. If you apply body lotion to your face, it can easily allow dust and pollutants to gather on your face due to the creamy texture of the lotion. These then stick around all day long until you finally wash them off; by this time your pores have already been clogged all day long. Skin specific moisturisers contain lighter ingredients and less oil making them perfect for your face.

Can cause allergies – Because the ingredients in body creams are a lot harsher and in larger quantities it is easy for them to trigger an allergic reaction in your face, especially if you already have sensitive skin then you should make an extra effort to stay well away from using body moisturizers on your face – always resist temptation even if you have run out of your daily facial moisturizer.

More added chemicals & nasties – Body lotions contain a lot more fragrance and color than creams made especially for the face they can contain strong artificial scents and colours as they are made to cover the whole body so more ingredients will be needed. Body lotion manufacturers need to add more chemicals and components to the skin since the skin on your body thicker and covers a much larger area. All these chemicals are no good for the delicate skin on your face and can even lead to certain allergies.

The skin on your face is very delicate – You need to treat the skin on your face with TLC as it is much more delicate than that on your body. This is due to the fact that the skin on your body tends to renew and replace its cells at a far slower rate than that on your face. This is because it isn’t as exposed to environmental factors such as the sun, weather ailments and pollutants like your face is. This factor is what makes the skin on your body tougher and the skin on your face thinner and more sensitive.

Body lotions have a lot more cream content, and ingredients on their list. They are also a lot thicker and often much more oilier than facial lotions which is why you should never decide to use your body lotion as a facial cream. Remember different creams exist for specific reasons and have been formulated to look after specific areas of your body and parts of your skin.

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Judy Greenway