Everyone wants luscious locks! Having great hair is something everyone can obtain and there’s a few little tricks you can adopt to ensure your hair stays shiny, healthy and happy.

There’s nothing worse than dry, matted hair! Hair can take a real battering throughout the week, its straightened, curled, dyed, brushed and styled and all these activities have an effect on its condition.

So what can you do to make sure you always have silky smooth, healthy looking hair? Try the tips below to have gorgeous hair every single day.

Massage your scalp daily

Massaging your scalp stimulates oil production which leads to healthy skin and healthy hair which isn’t dry and dull. Massaging your scalp stimulates circulation that helps hair to grow and remain healthy.

Wash your hair once a week

Over washing hair has become a big problem for many people, as the misconception is that washing your hair every day is good for you. The truth is that it’s not at all. Washing your hair daily can leave you with dry, damaged hair. Less is actually more so wash it once a week to retain your hairs natural moisture and oil levels and always use a conditioner.

Use a hair mask once a week

Using a hair mask once a week will give your hair the repair and TLC it needs replacing lost moisture and oils. A homemade hair mask such as a mixture of egg whites or Jojoba oil massaged into your roots and left for 25 minutes will leave you with beautifully soft, touchable hair.

Rinse hair with cool water

An age-old trick but one people still forget to do. Rinsing your hair in hot water can dry it out and sometimes even causing it heat damage stripping it of its natural oils like blow drying. Rinsing it in cool water will save your hair from excess damage ensuring it stays shiny, soft and moisturised.

Blot your hair dry

Try to avoid blow drying and vigorously towel drying your hair because both these activities can strip your hair fully of its natural oils and moisture leaving you with dry and brittle hair. Gently blot your hair dry and then leave it to dry naturally only blow dry it on a low heat when it’s over 50% dry.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is excellent if you are prone to getting greasy hair fast. Washing your hair every day is not ideal because it strips the natural oils out of your hair. Giving it an instant refresh with dry shampoo means you don’t have to wash it in the shower and your hair will look clean, refreshed and will be easily styled.

Having luscious hair is easy when you have the correct know-how. Be sure not to over style your hair and hammer it with heated straightening and curling irons. They key to healthy looking hair is retaining its natural moisture levels by not over washing and over styling. Freshen up with a little dry shampoo when you feel the need.

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Judy Greenway