Cellulite – the bane of most women’s existence.

Cellulite are the fat deposits that you find under your arms, on the backs and sides of your thighs, and on your bottom. They are formed when fat houses itself just under the skin beneath your skin’s connective tissue.

The way that the connective tissue is laid out ensures that, when fat deposits get stored under them, just under your skin, your skin looks like it has lumps set under it. It looks kind of like cottage cheese. Cellulite is unsightly, it keeps many women from wanting to wear shorts in the summer or bikinis to the beach, and it is super difficult to get rid of. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can greatly lessen or even get rid of cellulite if you work diligently at it and if you are really committed to changing your body from the inside out.  First off, let’s look at what you can do from the inside.

If You Want To Get Rid Of Cellulite You Are Going To Have To Eat Better

There’s an old, old saying that what happens on the inside shows up on the outside, and that is very true where cellulite is concerned. There are two schools of thought on why some people have more cellulite than others.

The primary thought is that women have more cellulite – generally speaking – than men do. This thinking has to do with hormonal factors (like estrogen) and simply being a woman. The secondary thought is that people who are more toxic have more cellulite than others.  

While it is true that more women have cellulite than men do, more research needs to be done as to whether or not its formation has to do with greater exposure to toxic materials. On the surface, it would seem to be true, simply because women use more household cleaning supplies and beauty products than men do over the course of their lives.

Again, there needs to be more research done to bear this out as true or false.(1) No matter why cellulite appears or who finds it on their bodies more often, the most efficient way to get rid of or slow the appearance of cellulite is to eat healthier foods in the form of greater amounts of fruits and vegetables, leans meats, and fish.

Fruits and vegetables have higher amounts of fiber, more vitamins and minerals, and a great ability to help you to lose weight. The less fat on your body, overall, the fewer cellulite deposits you’ll have.

You’ll also want to make sure that you drink lots of water. The FDA recommends that the average adult drinks 91-125 ounces of water every day. This will flush toxins out of your body, lubricate your joints, and give your body less reason to store environmental chemicals in its fat cells.

Get Regular Massages And Exercise To Keep Fatty Cells From Accumulating In One Part Of Your Body

Massages and working out help your body greatly when it comes to improving circulation and breaking down the fatty deposits that are just under your skin. Regular exercise also helps to improve your muscle tone and the appearance of your skin.  

By doing both, you can reduce the number of fat cells you have in your body overall. Some people like to try to wear compression garments, but compression garments have not been proven to make any, real difference over the long haul.

You can also give yourself a massage of sorts by buffing your skin either just before or just after you bathe. Rubbing your skin with a loofah or with some other type of exfoliating material improves circulation and helps the fat to spread out more evenly instead of piling up in specific spots just under your skin.(2)

Ultimately, Getting Rid Of Cellulite Is An Inside Job

There are lots of creams out there that help on a surface level. They can thicken the skin. They can smoothe wrinkles and dimples. And they can alleviate any inflammation that may exist as a result of these things…but they don’t stop the root causes of cellulite.

The root cause of cellulite is the storage of fat…and if you can handle that, you can lessen or completely get rid of the cellulite that you can see on your body. Diets that are higher in fruits and vegetables almost always result in weight loss due to a loss of fat on the body…and loss of body fat means less cellulite.

It’s common sense, really.

You can get very technical with it if you want to, but it’s really not necessary. Eat better. Exercise better. Live better…and your body will look better in every way.


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