As you start to think about the summer months, you may start to pay more attention to your luscious locks. Are you a little fed up of the darker winter hues, or are you ready for a lighter color? If so, you are in the right spot! There are so many ways of lightening your hair color without spending too much money at the hair dresser.


It’s time to take those steps to lighten up your hair naturally and get that beautiful glow in time for summer.


Lemon juice

Naturally squeezed lemon juice is a great way to naturally lighten your hair. Try this home remedy:


Start by mixing half squeezed lemon juice with half distilled water. Apply the mixture to your hair and comb it through. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes and this will lighten dark blonde or light brown hair and won’t leave reddish tones unless your hair already has them.


Honey and olive oil hair mask

This lovely and nourishing hair mask will create nice subtle highlights and softer hair. It’s easy to make; all you need to do is add ¼ cup olive oil to ¼ cup of warm honey and mix well. Comb the mixture through your hair where you want to lighten up your locks and leave on for 30-60 minutes. Wash out well with some lightening shampoo.


Sweet cinnamon!

For this one, you only need a few simple ingredients. Starting with your own conditioner, take ½ cup of conditioner and add enough cinnamon powder to make a thick paste. Massage the mixture through your hair and leave on for 3-4 hours or even overnight under a hair cap to avoid any mess. The longer you leave it, the richer the color you will achieve. In the morning, wash it out well and style as you normally would. Cinnamon also has antioxidants and a natural sunscreen that will protect your hair.


Baking soda

There isn’t much that baking soda can’t do! It can even lighten your hair too! Use about ½ cup of baking soda and add enough warm water to make a light paste. If it’s too thin, it won’t cover well and if it’s too thick, it will dry out. Really massage the mixture into your hair and leave on for around 15-20 minutes. Check your hair to see what it looks like. If you are happy, wash it out. If you want it lighter, leave it on a little longer.



If you want something super easy with minimum effort, try dissolving 1 tablespoon salt (any kind) in ½ cup of warm water. Leave the mixture on your hair for 15 minutes and rinse it out. Salt contains natural bleaching agents to lighten your hair. Why not follow up with a Sea Salt Spray to get those nice beach waves?


Lightening your hair from home can be simple with the easy steps listed above. It may be because you want a bit of a natural glow or to pre-lighten your hair for the hairdressers. Whatever the reason, give the above natural remedies a go!

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Judy Greenway