Infused water is bang on trend at the moment with people heading to the fruit bowl to create tasty, hydrating mixtures for the whole family. Infused water couldn’t be easier to make, all it requires is some fresh fruit, usually of your choice and a water bottle with a separate compartment to hold the fruit. Why is everyone drinking infused water? It’s because of the plentiful benefits infused water can give you. The amazing thing about drinking infused water is that there are plenty of incredible recipes available, each one being unique and providing you with different benefits. Lets have a look at some of the shared benefits all infused water recipes have…

Get more vitamins and nutrients easily
When you make yourself a tasty bottle of infused water, the fruits vitamins and nutrients diffuse out of the fruit into the water. Your delicious homemade drink is rich in an abundance of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Infused water is a much healthier alternative to your typical store-bought “vitamin waters,” energy drinks, sodas, and plain water as these are all sugar-laden!

Anti-ageing benefits
One huge benefit of drinking infused water is the anti-aging benefits it provides. Not only does drinking plenty of water keep your skin firm, plump, moisturized and hydrated the antioxidants found in your infused water help to fight the signs of aging because antioxidants help to promote the collagen production in your skin.

Boosts your metabolism
Certain fruits can help boost your metabolism and these fruits are highly beneficial when added to your water. A more effectively running metabolism means it’s easier for you to burn calories. Excellent fruits to help speed up your metabolism include lemon and grapefruit. This zingy infusion will not only energize your body, it will also promote fat loss.

A natural energy elixir
Infused water contains an abundance of antioxidant and electrolytes making it the perfect homemade natural energy drink which is why they are very popular amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Forget the unhealthy energy drinks packed with chemicals and additives; make your own its much safer!

Satisfy your sweet tooth
Infused water is a fantastic way to satisfy your sweet tooth. What could be better then reaching into the fridge for a glass of pre-prepared water tasting of your favorite fruit? Excellent if you are watching your weight you can have a sweet treat with ruining your diet and consuming an excess of calories.

As you see from the above benefits (and they aren’t the only ones!) there are plenty of reasons why you should start making and drinking fruit infused water. The different tasting beverages are not only delicious, but healthy too and great for your body inside and out. If you are new to it, why not start with basic recipes based on your favorite fruits? You can then work your way up to more unique combinations tailored to specific heal ailments or beauty remedies and surprise your loved ones with this flavor-packed beverage.

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Judy Greenway