There have been more dermatological developments over the past few decades than you can shake a stick at, some of which have been utter breakthroughs and steered off the shelf products into totally new directions and created budding trends, others have been entirely forgotten almost as fast as they appeared in the first place. Anything that claims to improve your complexion is always going to take a little research and convincing to assure the general public that it really is as effective as it claims to be, but sometimes it’s worth it because the product or treatment in question can make enormously positive changes for people. Others on the other hand don’t whatsoever. Body wrapping is a controversial treatment that some swear by, and others totally disregard; Lets get to the bottom of the process and see whether or not this “miracle” weight loss aid really will strip the pounds and leave you feeling silky smooth, or simply just a little sticky and overheated…

The process

Essentially, body wrapping simply involves exfoliating and moisturising the skin, then after a quick rinse, the body is wrapped in some form of film that serves to make it sweat out toxins whilst sealing in the goodness of the products that have been applied to the surface of the skin. As the film is wrapped rather tightly around certain problem areas, many believe that it not only moisturizes the skin, but it also helps to reduce cellulite and create a firmer, leaner and tighter body in the process. Is this possible? Does it work? Let’s take a closer look…

The results

What body wrapping WILL do is moisturize and detoxify the skin, that’s not really debatable due to the cleansing process involved in the procedure; you will absolutely have a cleaner set of pores and feel silky smooth after you’ve finished being “wrapped.” As for cellulite reduction, well, it’s true to an extent that it’s going to help reduce this, as anything that helps to promote an even and clean skin tone will help alleviate this common problem, and body wrapping certainly does that. As far as weight loss is concerned? There is no direct correlation between the consumption of fat molecules within the body and wrapping the body tightly, or increasing the temperature of the body through external coverage to burn excess body fat internally. What WILL it do though? Well, it’ll definitely make you lose immediate weight through the loss of fluid, due to excess sweating whilst being tightly covered. So technically, it DOES lead to weight loss, just not the sustainable kind…

With these elements in mind, the treatment is worth it if you’d like to have smoother and cleaner skin, which in itself is certainly worth having; but body wrapping shouldn’t be your treatment of choice if you believe it’ll help you shed a few sustainable pounds and create a trimmer, leaner version of yourself. It’s a great exfoliation and cleansing treatment; if those elements are your main aims then you should absolutely go for it.

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Judy Greenway