Stress gets the better of us all sometimes, and it’s safe to say that we could all do with some inspired suggestions to avoid it at all costs due to the horrendous effect it has on our complexion. Admittedly, that’s not always possible, but equally, anything we can possibly do to help alleviate it is always going to be of huge benefit to our health in the long run as well as our glowing good looks. Exercise is quite possibly the best way to combat and ease stress available, and combined with a few other activities; you’ll soon find that stress doesn’t come knocking anywhere near as often.

Here are a few of the best exercise methods and activities you can perform to keep stress to a minimum:


It’s an oldie but it’s certainly still great; running outdoors is an absolutely brilliant way to help alleviate stress and reduce fatigue. Endorphins are released whenever we exercise which raise our mood, our energy levels, and generally provide a sense of wellbeing. What’s so fantastic about outdoor running is the sense of freedom and escapism it allows, meaning we can easily have a positive impact on our health whilst enjoying some lovely scenery and de cluttering our mind. Result.

Weight training

Weight training is fantastic for self esteem as well as the skeletal structure and cardiovascular system when performed safely and effectively. Using weights is a great way to release stress for an hour a long with any tension built up throughout the hectic work day, but the beauty of this training style is that it helps to develop lean muscle mass and enhance your appearance, which in turn leads to a boost in confidence and self esteem all equating to less stress.

Martial arts

Arguably one of the best forms of exercise available due to the fact that it makes the body fitter, leaner and more physically capable whilst also instilling a disciplined and well rounded mentality that’s capable of coping with the majority of life’s strains. It is a fantastic all rounder that really should be tried at least once; it’s a journey that may change your life and keep you as stress free as possible whilst you live it going forwards.


If you want a quick injection of peace and tranquillity as well as an iron core, then yoga is perhaps the most effective form of exercise you’ll ever find. What’s brilliant about yoga is the sense of settlement and peace it can instil within the body. You’re not only exercising when you do yoga, you’re also training your mind to cut it self off from distractions and negative energy, a great asset when you head back into the work place and need to keep a positive mental attitude.

These activities are an amazing way to de stress and protect your skin from harmful toxins – they will help to keep you on the up as you’re on the go, something we could all benefit from mastering!

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Judy Greenway