Do you know what’s causing your skin to rash? Do you sometimes have patches of red itchy bumps somewhere on your skin? Many people suffer from this problem at times and there are many reasons for it. Rashes can be unsightly to look at and embarrassing to have. Rashes can also itch or be painful and make you feel miserable.

Do you know what might be causing your rash? I will list some surprisingly common causes for rashes and ways you can avoid getting them.


When skin rash occurs it makes the skin of the body swollen and irritated. It can include bumps or sores. It is sometimes scaly and reddish. The skin becomes itchy or some people might experience burning skin.


With or without, hives, redness, and itchiness, are a sign of a skin allergy. “Allergic contact dermatitis” is the term that is used for a rash or irritation of the skin. It takes place when allergens or irritating substances touch your skin.


The common cause of contact allergies in adults is due to perfumes and fragrances. Fragrance chemicals which might cause an allergic reaction are found in many products like body washes, shampoos, soaps, and household products like dryer sheets, laundry detergents, room sprays and cleaners. Some products are labeled as ‘unscented’ but they also cause allergy sometimes. With the help of research, it is confirmed that few natural oils also helps in causing allergic reactions. It would be better to look for fragrance-free products to avoid the risk of rash.


The most common allergy can be caused by nickel. It is used to create metal products, including jewelry (Gold jewelry and body piercings). The needles used in piercing may cause the allergy that can be worse by the sweat.


If your skin becomes itchy and red when you wear the rubber gloves, that means that you are allergic to latex. Latex is used to make several products like condom and rubber bands. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. Eg: Rashes or itchy eyes to vomiting and difficulty in breathing. If you have this allergy avoid contact with latex.


Some henna tattoos and hair dyes consist of very strong chemicals which do not suit our body. They help in making the skin itchy and may cause the rashes.


Some people might be allergic to certain types of material like wool, although it’s very rare. ‘Formaldehyde resins’ are used in clothes to make them waterproof and resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage. This is usually what causes the rashes on the skin. People with this allergy should try pure cotton or nylon clothes.


Most sunscreens have unwanted effects when you go out in the sun. This might not make sense but it happens. As some chemicals are converted into allergens as soon as they are exposed to the sun. Common ingredient which causes this allergy is PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid)


If you find that you have an issue with your skin being irritated, it is important to look for natural and organic products that are hypoallergenic, meaning they will not cause a skin reaction.

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Judy Greenway