Most of us love a gorgeous set of acrylic nails. A brand new set of your favorite color nails with all the trimmings, extras and glittery bits! What’s not to love? Well, sadly for your nails, it’s quite damaging and that is putting it lightly. Your nails are ground, filed, pulled and stripped to within an inch of their lives. So how do you rehabilitate them?


Tip 1 – STOP

It may sound like it’s stating the obvious a little here but you really need to give your nails a break from acrylics so they can heal and generally get to behave like normal nails. Stay away from acrylics and nail varnish of all types for a few months at the very least. Also, if you decide you want to give your nails a rest from acrylics while you still have them on, ensure you get them professionally removed and never ever pull or pick them off.


Tip 2 – Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil will be your savior and help to rejuvenate your skin and nails. An oil such as vitamin E or olive oil is a good choice due to the nourishing properties. Cuticle oil should be applied with a massage technique so it really penetrates the skin, make sure you also massage it over your nail too. The essential vitamins found in these natural oils will help promote healthy nail growth helping them to repair.


Tip 3 – Trim your nails

As nails begin to grow it’s extremely important to keep them trimmed. Don’t be in a hurry to let your natural nail gain length; instead, make overall nail health and thickness your goal because this will promote overall health wellbeing. Trim them regularly because a thin, damaged nail that grows quickly hardly stands a chance at surviving for long. Enjoy your hassle-free carefree shorter nails while your body works on rebuilding the damaged tissue.


Tip 4 – Apply strengthening products

This is one of the main things that will help heal and rejuvenate your nails faster than normal. You will probably find that many nail care base coats have strengthening and stimulating properties in them already and you can also find specific products purposely for strengthening the nails. Find a base coat that will help strengthen the nail bed and apply the product every three days if needed.


Tip 5 – Bath and massage

Stimulate your hands with a warming bath as this will soften the skin and help remove any old dead skin cells too. Massaging your hands regularly will help to stimulate blood flow to the areas, which will speed up the healing and renewal process too.


Wearing acrylic nails is damaging to your nails and you should always give them a break from the treatment as often as you can. If you notice any significant changes in your nail color or texture always go to see a professional.

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Judy Greenway