When you are traveling, be it by car, cross-country via plane or public transport your skin can take a battering. From air pollution to weather conditions, your skin can be subject to a number of different things, which can aggravate it and cause breakouts. If you arm yourself with a few essential travel skincare products you can ensure that your skin remains soft, flawless and most importantly, blemish free. Want to know what you should be keeping in your handbag? Here goes…


Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil should be in your bag because of the many different things it can cater for making it your perfect travel companion. Jojoba oil can be used as a facial and hand moisturizer protecting your skin from dryness and harsh environments. Jojoba oil is not only moisturizing it’s also great for eliminating breakouts and blemishes. A little bit goes a long way so you don’t need to take much with you.


SPF spritzer

Taking an SPF is something most people forget even though the sun can have a damaging effect on your skin. When traveling, you may be exposed to harmful UV rays without realizing it. You can get travel sized SPFs or even moisturizers with SPFs in them. Make sure you apply it daily to stop any premature aging of the skin.


Face wipes

As well as allowing you to freshen up in an instant, some good quality face wipes will allow you to get clean and wash your hands whenever you need to. Exfoliating skin care wipes are the best as these have a raised texture allowing you to freshen up at any time you like while also being able to rub away any of the dirt and residue which may have built up on your face.



Vaseline will probably become your number one travel companion because there’s not much it can’t help you with. When traveling, your lips can become dry and chapped. If you have a little pot of Vaseline in your bag then you have moisture on call all day, every day whenever you need it. Vaseline will hydrate your lips in an instant and provide a protective coating against all weather conditions.


Compressed towel pills

This little genius invention will ensure you can scrub off all the makeup anywhere with running water, or simply freshen up. These little pills simply need water, and they will expand into a full sized face cloth for you to use as you wish.


Traveling can be tough on your skin and if you neglect it, you may well find yourself with dry, dirty or blemish-covered skin. Do your best to look after your skin when you travel by using the above handy products. Your makeup and skin care products don’t need to be overflowing out of your toiletries bag. Pack smart and remember the above essentials to make your life easier and your skin more beautiful.

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Judy Greenway