Eye bags must be one of the most annoying aspects of the human face. That is to say, they are when they manifest; which can sadly be on a fairly regular basis within the hectic modern world we live in.

We could all do with a little help in either reducing or totally avoiding these facial nasty’s all together, and you’ll be happy to know that there are certain remedies you can make use of for this. Here we list how to combat them and give your self a life of stress free smooth complexions! Or as close to as possible…


The most preached remedy and arguably the most obvious, but it DOES make a difference. Eye bags tend to appear when you’re lacking in energy, feeling lethargic and are generally run down. You can avoid all of this by getting a healthy dose of sleep per night which will lead to enhanced recovery within the body and a better state of internal well being. Any time you see eye bags appear, it could be an indicator that your central nervous system needs some TLC. Get some sleep!

Clean your face…

We’re absolutely sure that you already do this, and no we’re not insinuating that you aren’t a clean person if you have eye bags, but dirt and grime build up are one of the easiest ways to score yourself a set of heavy bags under the eyes, and lets face it, no one wants that in an ideal world. Ensure you exfoliate and moisturize before sleeping, and you’ll stand a great chance of keeping them at bay.


The primary reason eye bags appear is due to dehydration in the area; there’s nothing quite as bad for dehydrating you as alcohol! If you want to avoid getting deep, dark bags then you’re going to have to moderate the amount of alcohol you consume on a weekly basis. If you do happen to go overboard, make sure you stay well hydrated to try and replenish hydration in the area. This should swiftly remove the problem.

Stay away from the salt

Salt might make your dishes taste a million times better, but it’s also great at producing eye bags. The area under your eyes is particularly susceptible to storing water and rising away from the surface of the face, and should you have a salt laden meal, that’s exactly what’s likely to happen. Reduce your salt intake if you want to avoid contracting serious eye bags, you’ll be glad we warned you when you wake up looking fresh faced and vibrant.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can avoid eye bags or at least vastly reduce your chances of getting them in the first place; they’re not complicated changes, but they are certainly highly effective, and it’s almost a dead certainty that incorporating just a few of them into your daily structure is going to make a serious difference to your facial complexion.

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Judy Greenway